BE ARTISAN is the leader of natural cosmetics with argan oil, "why argan oil?" Because it is the ally of Moroccan women to magnify their beauty since forever, the oil of Argan associates itself in the preparations of BE ARTISAN with the face, the hair, the body and all the way to the nails to sublimate them.
BE ARTISAN invites you to discover its range dedicated to spas, hotels and institutes in professional format, inspired by beauty rituals of several centuries in Morocco, including: Body scrub, black soap beldi, Rhassoul, Clay. Complete care products designed exclusively for professional use with possibility of customizing your orders.
Face range: Discover our wide range of organic cosmetics: serums and beauty care nourishing, repairing, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging with valuable assets (argan oil, prickly pear, vitamins, shea ...)
Body range : Body scrub wrap and body milk based on Argan oil, vitamins, shea, to preserve the elasticity, firmness and good health of your skin. Discover our natural body care with soothing and relaxing virtues, which will make your skin soft and silky ...
Hammam Range : Enjoy all the benefits of our black soaps, clays and oriental scrub. A selection of products that will cleanse your skin thoroughly and protect it from external aggressions
Range of soap: A very wide range of soaps, shapes and fragrances to suit all tastes, allows for a gentle cleansing of the body and face. It respects the pH of the skin and provides intense hydration
Scents range: Oily concentrate of perfume inspired by the Moroccan tradition to create your atmosphere. (orange blossom, verbena, amber, musk, eucalyptus, oriental flower, green tea ...) The mood oils are to be burned in a burning-perfume.
Vegetal oils : The vegetable oils of Be artisan are 100% natural: Nigella, carrot, avocado, coconut, grape seed, garlic, aloe Vera, jojoba, sweet almond, wheat germ, sesame, castor, pistachio. Apricot…
Essential oils : Discover our 100% pure and natural essential oils from the best terroirs for your well being and health with many properties (relaxing, sanitizing, purifying ...).
Boxes range : Our beauty boxes to offer or enjoy alone. We have selected for each set of care that marry and complementary virtues depending on the desired result. Moisturizing, exfoliating or purifying, live the oriental cosmetics through organic and natural products.
Your satisfaction is our first concern, it translates at any time by the care we take to your order, from reception to delivery. Our consultants, based in Marrakech, listen to you, guide you and collect your opinions on a daily basis.
If you are interested in a partnership we send you the professional price lists of the products sales and products cabin
We remain at your disposal for any information

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