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Shenzhen Hompower Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional commitment to AC/DC products and AC/DC power solution provider, we dedicate to customer-centric, continuous innovation in the field of AC/DC products like solar lantern ,rechargeable fan and portable power station, outdoors backup power, solar home power system, we are devoting to create maximum value for distributors and end-consumers by providing competitive products and services. Our AC/DC products and solutions have been deployed and accepted in more developing countries, serving more and more population to improve and enrich lives
We will only earn customers respect and trust through continuous dedication and hard work. Therefore, we have insisted on customer centricity, creating long-term values and bringing more success together.

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مروحة شمسيةLED
مروحة الشحن بمصباحLED
نظام استخدام طاقة شمسية للمنزل
مصدر الكهرباء لنظام الطاقة الشمسية /AC
مصباح شمسي(LED)
AC/DC Solar Lantern
External Battery Power Box
Solar Home Power System
Mini Power Box

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