MAH CO شركة شحن

12 ,April,2011

M .A.H Co
General Trading & Freight Forwarding
M.A.H CO. is a Lebanese freight forwarding company .We offer shipping services and freight forwarding mainly in Airfreight - Land freight and ocean freight. In addition to Track n’ Trace - Custom Clearance for incoming and outgoing shipments and Middle East covering door to door service.
M.A.H Co is engaged to take care of your business with all interest and professionalism.
We are committed to provide exceptional fast service and to insure top quality in handling and delivery time of each shipment meeting our clients’ most demanding expectations.
Air freight
Our Prime mission is to dispatch your cargo on time with maximum safe delivery of products & documents to the requested destination - in addition to door to door service.
Land Freight
Our service in land transportations is offered at competitive prices with very reliable service plus professional documentation and tracing.
تفاصيل البيع و الشراء :
الاسعار ليست ثابتة انها تختلف حسب نوع البضاعة وحجمها والبلد
mah co general trading freight forwarding الاسم التجاري
شفيقة حمصي الاسم
طريق المطار العنوان
لبنان  البلد
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تنبيه :
يرجى توخي الحذر عند التعامل مع أي معلن لا يوفر معلومات مؤكدة, قم بنفسك بالاجراءات الواجبة للتمييز بين المشترين والبائعين قبل القيام بأي اتفاق.